[ExI] Regulation vs. Freedom

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Sun Jul 15 18:37:51 UTC 2007

MB writes

> [Lee wrote]
>>> > ...One woman acquaintance of mine insists not only that everyone in the
>>> > household recycle all plastic bottles, but that they all be *washed* before
>>> > being left for the recyclers.
> In our household all recylable food containers are washed. Reason: collection is
> only once per week.  In some areas of town it is only once every *two* weeks. (think
> bugs, rodents, smell)

Here in the bay area of N. California, these may be less of a problem
than you experience.  I do, however, rinse them out just so that they're
not yechy.

> And why do we recycle? Mainly because we are *fined* if there is not a recyle
> container out once per month...  at least that is the threat.

The function of government is to threaten the citizens, and the function of
citizens is to support and cower before the government. 

But in "backwards areas" (e.g. areas more free) like the Deep South, 
one is almost as at liberty to do with one's trash as we were in the 1930s.
Some neighborhoods were clean and some were dirty. It was only
starting to occur to people that government could be used to force
everyone's lives to be "better".


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