[ExI] Regulation vs. Freedom

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> In our household all recylable food containers are washed. Reason:
collection is
> only once per week.  In some areas of town it is only once every *two*
> (think bugs, rodents, smell)

Our recycling collection is only once a month. I pity those people who don't
have a garage to stage all the cans and bottles in. 

> And why do we recycle? Mainly because we are *fined* if there is not a
> container out once per month...  at least that is the threat. I do not
> believe that the trash collectors are really keeping track of when we put
out those
> blue bags of cans and bottles. However, I've been wrong before! ;)

I've actually had times where the trash collectors have refused to take soda
12-pack boxes in the regular trash because "it's cardboard". This, despite
the fact that our town's recycling ordinance specifically states only
heavy-duty corrugated cardboard is to be recycled (which is, apparently,
different from some of the surrounding towns). Several rounds of phone calls
between me, the trash company, and the town proved fruitless, and I just
found my own solution.

Put the *$#&! boxes in a garbage bag, and the trash collectors are none the


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