[ExI] "Up against the warming zealots"...hmmm

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Mon Jul 23 16:41:26 UTC 2007

Emlyn writes:

> I wouldn't be so quick to say this is unequivocably good, whether or
> not it is correct to decrease carbon emissions. I think on balance it
> probably is good. I'd really love to see alternative forms of energy
> become prevalent, and I'd *love* to see energy production
> decentralise.

Certainly agree with you here. :)

> However, there seems to be somewhat of a memeplex out there that
> includes not only modern green-consciousness, but also anti
> "progress", anti science and anti rational positions. Admitedly this
> is just conjecture on my part, but I feel like there's an
> anti-humanism that goes with the green movement, an assumption that
> things we do to improve the lot of humans through scientific
> investigation are immediately suspect, a kind of evil.

That is *very*  prevalent where I live.  It's discouraging. With some folks this
attitude is almost religious in intensity.

> I'm absolutely not saying this is universal - a lot of people care
> about the environment these days, too many to talk in simple
> generalisations. But surely, others here have noticed the same thing?
> Don't you notice that the kinds of people heavily concerned about
> environmental issues are the same people that react particularly
> negatively to transhumanist ideas?

They're not ready to do away with eyeglasses or tooth repair, but they sure do talk
"hate" for modern medicine and medical and scientific advancements. All should be
done through 'vibrations' or 'healing thoughts' or 'color therapy'... (Example:
There is no comprehension of vaccines and how they work within a population.
Childhood immunizations are considered an evil which is to be avoided. If there's an
fearfgul myth about them out there, some of these folks believe it like gospel, and
no explanation of the science will help.)

Some greens think humans are a plague on the planet - which, if I spend a day in the
midst of a crowd, I sometimes feel, myself. ;)

So, yes, Emlyn, I see what you describe. It's here in my neighborhood. It's very
discouraging. And highly political. Accuracy and facts do not seem to be part of the
discussions.  It's all "feelings".


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