[ExI] "The Progressive Apocalypse and Other Futurismic Delights"

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A very strange comment has been posted by one "Alan":

July 20, 2007 11:01:00 PM, 
<http://www.blogger.com/profile/08312533559009013677>Alan said...

Excellent article, and more of them ought to be done-- assuming the 
unintended consequence is not to draw impressionables to futurology.

Since i was friends with FM 2030, a cryonically suspended 
futurist/transhumanist let this be said: first his good points: 
intelligent; kind; patient (for his age, 69 at the time of 
suspension-- rather early for a transhumanist one might say) and all 
the rest. Two of FM's negative aspects: 1) optimistic to the point of 
smarminess; he argued too much, and too naively, for a cooperatively 
in-tune futurist. Natasha Vita More excused this as coming from an 
older man (shall we in PC-talk say an age challenged transhumanist) 
but you can be 100 percent certain he was always that way, even as a 
child, you don't get at all far up the food chain by being too 
civilized, not if you're male. His positive outweighed his negative, 
but what negatives he had! Enough to turn you into a Luddite.

My real message here to you younger people is: PLEASE do not be naive 
as it not only wastes your time-- which unlike wealth you cannot get 
back-- but can even shorten your life by bringing you to grief. Put 
this message in your mental hard drive and do not lose it. Don't ever 
become a futurist, instead invest in knick-knacks or crochet doilies 
while watching Andy Griffith or I Love Lucy.

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