[ExI] Repeated Experience

Mike Dougherty msd001 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 02:49:36 UTC 2007

On 7/25/07, Vladimir Nesov <robotact at mail.ru> wrote:
> This comes around to just another take on quantum immortality.
> If universe given observer is embedded in is described by a
> set of (mathematical) rules (e.g. initial state, transitions), and these
> rules are
> being followed by some implementation on computer, subjective
> experience of observer doesn't depend on implementation or computer.
> >From observer's point of view there is no difference between him being
> emulated on one computer system or another, his experience from his
> point of view is a platonic entity. This subjective experience can as well
> be
> considered to be emulated partially on one implementation, and
> partially on another, or on no implementation at all - this doesn't
> change anything. Pitfall of such thought experiment is that this
> platonic universe can't be modified, modification equals to
> picking different platonic universe, so for discussion about
> subjective experience of embedded observer it doesn't matter what you do
> with implementation.

Do you think Plato would have a term for the probabilistic aggregation of
all similar "Platonic Solids" that are within some degree of similarity to
each other?  Such a platonic meta-solid would encompasses all the possible
implementations of solid that include "You" or "I".   "Modification" in the
sense you mentioned would be an increasing refinement of the meta-solid
until at last an atomic solid were immutably arrived upon.  I guess the
whole point of increasing runtime is to continue the refinement process
indefinately without ever reaching the 'final' selection.
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