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Mon Oct 8 01:17:30 UTC 2007

Extropians: I posted this over to [wta-talk] and figure it's close 
enough to be of importance to forward. Any thoughts? .. or anybody 
already with implants on the list?

- Bryan

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Subject: Re: BCI lit (was Re: Michael's question)
Date: Sunday 07 October 2007 20:14
From: Bryan Bishop <kanzure at gmail.com>
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Got through some of the papers and typed out some quick notes, found
some more and threw them into the directory. So there's new content
there. The research is really interesting.

One of my favorites is the 5 MB/sec bidirectional optical (infrared)
brain-machine interface based on the Utah microelectrode array
(10-by-10). There's also Irazoqui's 2003 neurotransceiver based on RF
data/power transception into the telencephalon. Kevin Warwick and his
wife appear at least once. Experimenters have worked with mice, guinnea
pigs, zebra finches, monkeys, and even sharks.

I hope this helps facilitate more tech-related discussion on the list.
 I am tempted to announce my desire to try to attain my own implant,
 but it's too soon and I do not have any outlines of what I'd have to
 do to meet up with the right people to make the surgery happen or to
 make sure my circuits are going to function.

- Bryan
(who has just picked up "The Singularity is Near" for the first time)

On Friday 05 October 2007 17:40, Bryan Bishop <kanzure at gmail.com> wrote:
> Also: I have collected some files on BCIs.
> http://heybryan.org/docs/neuro/
> This weekend I will be doing some writeups and reviews


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