[ExI] Malicious Mindware for Reality-Enhancers, Uploads and visual AIs?

Alex Ramonsky alex at ramonsky.com
Tue Oct 9 10:18:30 UTC 2007

..."Malicious Mindware trying to impose or corrupt your perception of 
...Well there's this light/sound machine, called television...  :  )

Andres Colon wrote:

> Reality-enhancers (meaning transhumans that will heavily implement 
> Augmented Reality Technology as an enhancement on a daily basis), AI 
> or Uploads could face threats from malicious mindware. These threats 
> could range from minor annoyances (as the prototype you'll soon see) 
> all the way up to some serious threats.
> Video link: Malicious Mindware via Augmented Reality 
> <http://www.thoughtware.tv/videos/show/849>
> This Thoughtware.TV video introduces you to an installation that 
> explores the notion that our virtual identity could be constantly 
> under threat of attack by a swarm of 'bugs' trying to feed off the 
> fabric of our virtual being.
> Thoughtware.TV asks: How will you protect yourself and others from 
> Malicious Mindware trying to impose or corrupt your perception of 
> Reality?
> To me these technologies could be so disastrous to our identity, that 
> they could border on what I jokingly consider "sinful software" 
> (sinware)...Its in our best interest as transhumans to take future 
> malware seriously as the technologies we wish to implement and enhance 
> ourselves with approach.
> Feel free to share any resources that have considered the idea.
> Andrés,
> Thoughtware.TV <http://www.thoughtware.tv> - ".. your pool of 
> Transhuman Memes"
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