[ExI] Top ten dumbest remarks

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 19:53:09 UTC 2007

On 10/8/07, hkhenson wrote:
> It wasn't presented as proof, just an interesting observation.  It
> would be most interesting to do a study about the effect of
> antipsychotics on irrational beliefs.

Done already.

I am not a medical professional, but Stathis can probably correct
where necessary. :)

The use of anti psychotic drugs has been widely studied and tested.
They are drugs - they have to be tested.  But the range of mental
illness is very wide. Schizophrenia is one of the most disabling forms
of mental illness.

But *non-bizarre* irrational beliefs on their own, without any of the
other symptoms of schizophrenia, come under the heading of Delusional

Delusional disorder refers to a condition associated with one or more
non-bizarre delusions of thinking—such as expressing beliefs that
occur in real life such as being followed, being poisoned, being loved
or deceived, or having an illness, provided no other symptoms of
schizophrenia are exhibited.
Delusions may seem believable at face value, and patients may appear
normal as long as an outsider does not touch upon their delusional

And, yes, anti psychotic drugs are often very effective in treatment.
But there are problems with long-term use of anti psychotics, so
treatment can get complicated.


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