[ExI] Please indicate if you have any one of the following:

Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Fri Oct 12 14:14:44 UTC 2007

Last night I had to fill out a form for an MRI.  It was a regular, 
usual form, nothing out of the ordinary.  Had a drawing of a body, 
front and back.

The list has such items listed as:

electronic implant or device
Magnetically-activated implant or device
Magnet therapy patch
Neurostimulation system
Spinal cord stimulator
Internal electrodes or wires
Bone growth/bone/fusion stimulator
Implanted drug infusion device
Any type of prosthesis/implant (eye, penile, etc.)
Eyelid spring or wire
Artificial or prosthetic limb
Radiation seeds or implants
Tissue expander

(and the lists goes on....)

When I see it in black and white, written down on a form, I have to 
laugh at how cyborgization of body is an every day affair.


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