[ExI] Please indicate if you have any one of the following:

hkhenson hkhenson at rogers.com
Fri Oct 12 16:47:40 UTC 2007

At 07:14 AM 10/12/2007, Natasha wrote:

>Last night I had to fill out a form for an MRI.  It was a regular,
>usual form, nothing out of the ordinary.  Had a drawing of a body,
>front and back.
>The list has such items listed as:
>electronic implant or device
>Magnetically-activated implant or device
>Magnet therapy patch
>Neurostimulation system
>Spinal cord stimulator
>Internal electrodes or wires
>Bone growth/bone/fusion stimulator
>Implanted drug infusion device
>Any type of prosthesis/implant (eye, penile, etc.)
>Eyelid spring or wire
>Artificial or prosthetic limb
>Radiation seeds or implants
>Tissue expander
>(and the lists goes on....)
>When I see it in black and white, written down on a form, I have to
>laugh at how cyborgization of body is an every day affair.

I don't know if the big magnet would rip something magnetic out of a 
person, but those big magnets are *dangerous.*

Few years ago I was talking to a MRI tech who told me about the time 
someone brought a steel E cylinder into the room in spite of all the 
warnings to keep iron out.  About 15 or 20 feet from the magnet the 
cylinder ripped loose at 50 g acceleration and went into the magnet 
bore at about the velocity of an 18th century cannon 
ball.  Fortunately nobody was in the way.  Took 6 days to cycle the 
magnet down, pull out the oxygen cylinder and bring the magnet back 
up to strength.


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