[ExI] Solar Power from Space- An energy solution

Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Sun Oct 28 07:01:20 UTC 2007

I have a long comment here that some might find interesting, regarding
solar power from space. I have quotes from Bill Hartmann as he examines
the issue,


words which, in some sense, supports a new alliance, that is working to
"ensure that the benefits of renewable clean energy from space solar power
are understood and supported by business, governments and the general
public." On October 10, there was an inaugural event of the new
alliance, held at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. which
highlighted a study underway by the National Security Space Office
(NSSO) on the viability of space-based solar power. This event received
alot of press, so it might be known to some of you already.


I haven't quite sorted out all of the governmental parts ("National Security"
are words used) from the business parts.. it's a peculiar alliance.


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