[ExI] abandoning hope

Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Mon Oct 29 05:49:18 UTC 2007

>Checked my version again.  Still "Ogne".  Not that I speak Italian.

Then either it is a misspelling, or an example of Dante's old Italian.
It makes some sense, sort of. If one extends the singular/plural rules,
'Ogne' could be a singular adjective masculine (but then speranza should
be masculine, and it's not.. hope is one of those singular feminine things),
or a plural feminine  adjective (but then speranza should be a mighty
plural speranze and it's not),

..and anyway ogne isn't listed  in my 2003 Garzanti (big dictionary
of today's Italian) or any of my other dictionaries.


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