[ExI] META: digest behavior?

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Sun Sep 2 22:24:19 UTC 2007

Hi Amara,

I just checked your mail status; everything looked OK and set correctly,
digest only.  There were a bunch of days when there were no ExIchat
messages.  I think the server was down for a while in late July or early
August.  I sent in two posts right before I went on vacation.  One of them
showed up a couple weeks later while I was away.  I didn't investigate,
since the server appeared to be up again.  So my guess is that if there is
little or nothing to digest, then the digest doesn't go out that day.


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> Hi extronauts, nothing urgent, but I've been wondering what changed this
> summer with the digest? I used to get them every day and if I wanted to
> check in-between the delivery time I went to the web site archive.
> The web archive has been stuck/broken at 2006 for one or two months
> though, and the digest delivery is an irregular every 2-4 days. The
> delivery rate is better than my random-or-never home postal delivery,
> but I kind of liked the daily regularity so that I could be somewhat
> interactive with the list, when I'm not traveling (like this moment).
> If there are new settings that I must change to have it work the old
> way, could you give me a hint where I would do that?  Thanks!
> Amara
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