[ExI] Transhuman Targeted Advertisement

Andres Colon andres at thoughtware.tv
Tue Sep 4 02:39:37 UTC 2007

On 9/3/07, Andres Colon <andres at thoughtware.tv> wrote:
> Now with all the futuristic ads running around, we at Thoughtware.TVwondered what a *real* Transhumanist Ad would look like and more
> importantly, who would be in it.
> Our guess is it would look a little bit something like this. Enjoy!
> (Please Note: This is not a real advertisment, it was created for H+
> humor. Thoughtware.TV has no relationships with Heineiken nor do we aim to
> imply that any of those depicted in this video endorse said company or any
> of its products. Should anyone depicted in this video wish to have it taken
> offline, please contact us at the following address: andres, at thoughtware
> dot TV)
> Andres,
> Thoughtware.TV <http://www.Thoughtware.TV>

You can't get very far without a link, can you? So here it is!


Thoughtware.TV <http://www.thoughtware.tv/>
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