[ExI] Transhuman Targeted Advertisement

Andres Colon andres at thoughtware.tv
Tue Sep 4 02:10:03 UTC 2007

Now with all the futuristic ads running around, we at
Thoughtware.TVwondered what a *real* Transhumanist Ad would look like
and more
importantly, who would be in it.

Our guess is it would look a little bit something like this. Enjoy!

(Please Note: This is not a real advertisment, it was created for H+ humor.
Thoughtware.TV has no relationships with Heineiken nor do we aim to imply
that any of those depicted in this video endorse said company or any of its
products. Should anyone depicted in this video wish to have it taken
offline, please contact us at the following address: andres, at thoughtware
dot TV)

Thoughtware.TV <http://www.Thoughtware.TV>
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