[ExI] [geek] good commercial svn hosts?

Khaled Aly ka.aly at luxsci.net
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I worked for years for a multinational network service provider. Providers 
are now
emphasizing IT hosting services as bandwidth got cheaper and connctivity
services aren't generating revenues as used to. Any service could be
outsourced by a client, to cut cost as seems to be the case here too, and
hosted by the service provider where it can be managed and supported 
centrally with other clients' services.
Messaging is one example, but another interesting one is the security
applicances themselves. Some clients choose to host their firewalls and 
software at a "trusted third party" service provider. If they do, they have
to 'trust' the third party, which configures and maintains their appliances.

Typically those clients would be also IP VPN clients too. Oherwise, any 
remote access through the Internet is via IPsec VPN,
which is not costly. It's really the client's decision to trade
eficiency/cost vs. trust. I know that didn't answer the main question of
what are suitable hosts as I haven't come across hosted source control. But
I mean to say that many enterprises at all scales do trust their
sensitive traffic and IT services to reputable third parties. It's a choice.

Re remote access, the company staff was dispersed all over, for historical 
reasons. They also promoted teleworking. I worked for a year in a virtual 
team of 10 people located in several countries, out of home office, within 
IPSec tunnel and using a soft IPT with an ext. nr. Had no complaint and the 
setup worked perfectly. Of course there was the benefit of the large scale 
consistent setup and the round-the-clock internal 'IT' support.


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> Emlyn,
> Just curious, why put your reputation on the line with these commercial
> entities unless you've used one or more of these services enough to be
> confident in their security, longevity and data integrity.
> Open source is one thing.  It tends to proliferate and end up in multiple
> repositories so a single group going belly up does not endanger the
> source's
> existence.  And security is not an issue there.
> But I can't imaging a commercial enterprise entrusting it's critical
> development software, a major asset for most companies to a service unless
> they were insured, bonded, escrowed and had an established track record to
> insure that if the service goes belly up that their company doesn't go
> along
> with it.
> In addition most companies I deal with would not even allow their source
> code to cross the internet unless it was via a VPN or some other encrypted
> format.
> Just my opinion but backing out gracefuly may be the best couse of action.
> Gary
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> Hi all,
> I've recently been successful in convincing some commercial entities not
> to
> use in-house source control, but to use an externally hosted subversion
> repository. And now I've been asked the hard question, which service do
> you
> recommend?
> I had thought that sourceforge had a closed-source hosting service as well
> as open source, but I can't see any sign of that. So I'm stuck with
> choosing
> a commercial entity.
> Anyone got ideas/experience of such services? The only one I've personally
> used, and only minimally at that, is cvsdude.org. This is for closed
> source
> hosting, has to be secure (for some reasonable value of "secure").
> Recommendations?
> Emlyn
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