[ExI] bees again

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Fri Sep 7 11:54:04 UTC 2007

> This year seems to have produced more caterpillar "nests" than I ever
> remember.  Since they seem to be constructed on the ends of tree
> branches and are whispy around a crudely spherical nest, I imagine
> they have contributed to a few ghost stories by the less-observant
> traveller being afraid of them on a moonlit night.  This year though,
> it seems they number more than 5 times what I saw last year.

Ha! That's what *I* thought too, but most everybody I've said anything to looks at
me like I've been blind all my life. "These are "bag worms" and they're here every

Well sure. But *I* have never seen so many. Apparently you and I are a minority.

> Also, this seemed noteworthy:
> http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/08/30/spider.web.ap/

Yes, that was cool, but it mostly blew away in the recent storms they had. My
understanding is the spiders are busy building new webs.  :)

Even though all those legs make my skin crawl, spiders are cool. :) I try my best to
rescue them from inside my house and carry them out to where they'll surely be more


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