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Hi Keith,

I'm sure your whole experience was life wrenching and very traumatic.

But please don't go supervillain on us and start releasing masterplans that
will punish the innocent along with the guilty.

Noone doubts your genius.  

And be careful also that some petty dictator doesn't decide that you would
be an asset to him and advance his nuclear program by 20 years voluntary or

I'm sorry I know this sounds like the plot to the next Austin Powers movie
but your karma seems to attracting this kind of bad mojo as of late.

I know the first instinct after going though something like this is outrage
and the desire for revenge on everyone and everything but there is a proverb
that is found among several Asian cultures - Chinese, Japanese, Indian - to
the effect that if you sit by the river long enough, you will see the bodies
of your enemies as they drift past. 

I don't think you want your friends and family to join that stream with

Healing takes time, give yourself that time and pick your battles wisely.

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At 01:20 PM 9/7/2007, Eliezer wrote:
>hkhenson wrote:
> > Serious disk failure while in jail, trying to revive mail.
>I'm very glad to hear you're still alive.

You may not be when you find out how much I have changed.

The difference between the people on the inside of the cells and the guards
is not worth talking about.  There are damn few of them, though not zero, on
either side who you would want to have lunch with, though in my opinion more
of them are locked up than are guards.

It was a humbling experience in another way.  I was not the only political
prisoner in that jail and not even the worst case of injustice.

I figure the various levels of government in two states spent at least
$70,000 to get me there and keep me locked up for the last four months.  For
they got a method to make plutonium 239 that I had kept silent about for ten
years released.  It should make a better grade (less Pu 240) than any a
government made since the 1940s.

And more fun yet, I am making public a method to reduce the cost and
difficulty of using this stuff to the point a well funded street gang could
make their own.  It's simple, put a pit with a sphere of uniform explosive
around it at once foci of an ellipsoidal reflector and a few pound of flash
powder at the other.  (String them on monofilament nylon to keep them in the
right places.)  Pop the flash and the light will detonate the entire surface
all at once at the other foci.  The makers avoid all the complicated
electronics, krytrons, and hydrocode design problems.

Figured this one out while locked in a shower by the guards for over an

Was working on a way (space elevators) to get the world out of bleak future
mode, but probably will not go back to working on that.  The other way to
deal with the world's problems is gigadeath.  Not going to oppose that,
writing a novel instead where the president makes a decision so awful that
he takes a drug to wipe out his last 12 hours of memory.  Kind of ultimate

If someone wants to create an unfriendly AI, that's ok too.  The vast
majority of people are not worth saving.

Keith Henson 

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