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> My lawyers tell me I can't write or post about a cult I can no longer
> even name.  Considering the amount of trouble I got in thinking that
> free speech was a real right, you should not expect me to write about it.

etcetera ... etcetera ...

Keith, I have read through some of the responses to you (the one from 
Natasha was very good), and several times I started to write my own 
perceptions on your disturbing diatribe, but have stopped myself each time.

What keeps churning in my mind are the many people - famous and not - about 
whom I've read, who've been killed or have suffered unspeakable injustices 
due to ... the times they lived in ... the color of their skin ... being the 
wrong age, the wrong sex, in the wrong place ... being caught in the 
crosshairs of war ...

While I'm sorry for your experiences, I cannot understand why you would spew 
such hate, vituperation ... and arrogance.

And all I have to say is, Keith, you're no Nelson Mandela.


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