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hkhenson hkhenson at rogers.com
Mon Sep 10 05:25:15 UTC 2007

At 09:03 PM 9/9/2007, Olga wrote:


>While I'm sorry for your experiences, I cannot understand why you would spew
>such hate, vituperation ... and arrogance.

You misread my intent.  I was a loyal citizen, indoctrinated into it 
from childhood, believed in the virtue of the US government in all 
it's levels.  I have for more than a decade tried to draw attention 
to a group that is in reality organized crime, a group that has 
seriously corrupted local, state and federal government.

For my effort I was locked up in the most drastic punishment the 
state has available short of death (solitary 
confinement).  Eventually I was put in with a guy who was even more 
of a boy scout than I am who had been shafted by some of the same 
people.  This guy has a head full of high security 
information.  Setting up the conditions to make *him* disloyal is 
even more obviously stupid than pissing me off.

If the state and the people who create the state have to deal with 
the consequences of being stupid and irresponsible, that just what 
reasonable people would expect.

As to arrogance, most of the people on this list have the right to be 
arrogant.  It's tempered in my case by the fact that I know lots of 
people who are both smarter than I am and more dangerous, in some 
cases a lot more dangerous.  How many domestic CIA assassins have you 
known?  I've known two, JL and MT.

>And all I have to say is, Keith, you're no Nelson Mandela.

Never claimed to be.


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