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Brent Allsop brent.allsop at comcast.net
Thu Sep 13 20:12:38 UTC 2007

Richard Loosemore wrote:
> Samantha Atkins wrote:
>> Brent,
>> Calling those that point out the dangers of AGI "fear mongers" 
>> immediately denigrates their position.  That is not a reasonable 
>> beginning to eliciting thoughtful discussion.   Please start again with 
>> a less biased attitude.
>> - samantha    
<snip important description of why>
> They are self-serving fear mongers.
> Richard Loosemore

Yes!  Now we're talking!
I apologize to Samantha, and anyone else that likes POV to be more 
civil, or whatever, and after I express this below, if you still feel 
this way, I'll try to refrain from such terms in the future.  But here 
are some still experimental thoughts about this kind of stuff I'm 
having.  I'd love to know what you all think about this.

It is obviously bad when people do things like fracture organizations, 
excommunicate people, try to destroy people's differing POV and anything 
to do with them, or any other hurtful things.  And, in the past, if you 
refrained from using this kind of terminology and worked on sugar 
coating your POV, you could often succeed at reducing these kinds of bad 
results.  But is sugar coating POV really beneficial?  Should we all be 
"yes" men to our friends and leaders?  Or at best sugar coated no men?  
I think we should try to eliminate all the bad behavior associated with 
differing POV, but don't throw out the baby with the bath?

To me, the important thing is, I want to here everyone's POV as non 
sugar coated as necessary.  This is for several reasons, first, I admit 
that I could be wrong, and sincerely want to know, concisely and 
quantitatively, others POV.  Second, if  I see a problem in other's POV, 
it enables me to better concisely state my POV to have more success of 
pointing such out, and so on.  The important thing is we all worship, 
collect, quantitatively compare all of our differences, including the 
ability to call each other things like "fear mongers", as long as we 
still support them with their differing POV and honestly want to find 
out, precicely what it is.  Also, along with this, the faithful thinking 
that hopefully we will find some way to get it all for everyone, or 
maybe show them how they don't really want that...

Does that make sense?
Or is it just stupid?


Brent Allsop

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