[ExI] People of Faith, not

Khaled Aly ka.aly at luxsci.net
Sun Sep 16 22:23:47 UTC 2007

David put it very nicely. My very humble opinion is close, but not 
identical. People of faith are those who reason and can stand to argue their 
reasoning (i.e. faith). On this basis, Atheists are people of faith since 
they have some theory to backup their belief. In all known religions, most 
of us inherit the "faith". Some of us reason that faith and few of the some 
would 'modify' their faith according to their reasoning and conclusions, and 
not for other considerations.

I wonder why basic scientific and logical reasoning, as well as the recorded 
human history literature with its variations and derivatives (to my best 
knowledge, as far as 7K years back, touching upon Noah's time-- for people 
who have faith in prophets) are not typically let in to reason and resolve 
faith issues.

A disagreement is also a resolve when backed up by fair argument. 
Pronouncing (rather than highlighting) the disagreement in association with 
its underlying supporting arguments may result in fewer conflicts due to the 
faith issue. It's more peaceful when people agree and accept their reasoned 
pronounced differences. Communities as they stand are probably not at all 
ready for that, when it comes to 'faith'. Is it an issue of faith or else? 
Would "myth" be the sought contrast? I hope I keep my head another day. 


> David C. Harris wrote:

> Damien Broderick wrote:
>> I was musing here a while back about the need for a good term to
>> place in contrast with the sanctimonious "People of Faith"--
> ...
> About 5 years back, we in the freethought community in the SF Peninsula
> area liked the word Reason, as in
> Communities of Reason
> Reasonable People
> People of Reason
> I also like the word Evidence, which contrasts nicely with Faith.
> People of Evidence, People in Evidence, People with Evidence.
> In the same spirit of how the scientific method differs from faith,
> People who Test, People who Check, People who Wonder, People of
> Falsifiable Ideas (OK, not catchy).
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