[ExI] Technocracy

Enrique Lescure therion at indiainfo.com
Thu Sep 27 22:48:25 UTC 2007

Hi everyone

I wonder if you have never thought of combining transhumanism with technocracy?

You are maybe aware of the post-scarcity society espoused by Gene Rodenberry in Star Trek, where money had ceased to be?

Well, Gene was in fact inspired by the proposal put forth by the Technocratic movement. The proposal was to divide the available production capacity in equal shares determined by energy in kw hours. All this production capacity would be administrated by a continental service known as a technate. The citizens would decide what they would like to have produced for themselves, and the technate would produce it. It is thus not a planned economy, and not a market economy.

The goal is to automatise as much as possible. Work hours will be reduced to the lowest optimal level. Instead of focus on economic growth, we could balance our output with the input of nature and still live in a high energy society.

Of course, technocracy is not perfect, but I think it is worth to investigate.

Look into this site for example: http://en.technocracynet.eu


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