[ExI] EP and Peak oil.

John K Clark jonkc at att.net
Wed Apr 2 05:38:30 UTC 2008

"Richard Loosemore" <rpwl at lightlink.com>

> If you see, in this pattern, the pernicious influence of the green lobby,
> then what you are seeing, I suggest, is only the blood-stained
> back of a whipping boy.

Bullshit, the green lobby has caused a lot of evil in the world. They weep
about global warming but when somebody tries to build a nuclear power
plant that produces no green house gasses they oppose it. When somebody
tries to build a hydroelectric plant that produces no green house gasses
they say it will flood archeological sites and oppose it. When somebody
tries to build a wind farm that produces no green house gasses they say 
it's ugly and the blades might kill birds and they oppose it.

Right now thousands of tons of highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel rods
loaded with Plutonium are stored in hundreds of different poorly secured
makeshift locations scattered across the country. Why should that be when
there is the highly guarded state of the art Yucca Mountain repository for
nuclear waste in Nevada that is empty and designed specifically to store
those rods securely? I will tell you why it is not used, it is because the
green lobby lawyers pulled every trick in the book to prevent Yucca
Mountain from storing anything.

For example, they convinced a Federal court it was illegal to ship rods
there because the guarantee that no radiation would leak for 10,000 years
was too short; the court found credible evidence that in 270,000 years the
radiation just outside the fence would be 60 times higher than background.
Imagine if someone in the Paleolithic had told our Cro-Magnon semi human
ancestors 270,000 years ago during the Ice Age that they couldn't use that
new fangled thing called fire until they solved the problem of global
warming produced by greenhouse gasses and found a good substitute for
the finite supply of oil.

Yucca Mountain would provide excellent safety, but not perfect safety and
for them only perfection will do; so we end up with crappy safety. If
terrorists even get their hands on one of those rods we can thank those
saintly ever so noble environmentalists in their hybrid cars for it.

 John K Clark

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