[ExI] the bee problem and a possible solution

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 05:17:35 UTC 2008

Spike wrote:
Your comment gave me an interesting idea however.  We could look at the
possibility of breeding alternate pollinators, possibly non-flyers, such as
some hardy type of roach for instance.  They stay nearby, they breed like
mormons, and for all their undeserved reputation as diseased carriers, I
have never seen a sick roach.  If we develop crawling pollinators we might
have less of a problem with their being smashed on car windows and might be
easier to keep them healthy.

*Did you just say, "Breed like Mormons?" : )  *Why, you should have written,
"breed like 19th century Mormons!" lol  I just spent almost a full week in
Salt Lake City and I did not see any mega-sized families.  I remember as a
kid fairly often seeing 8+ child Mormon families but now five offspring
seems the "really big family average."  I recall huge families where
resources (like food) were spread way too thin and so I think this is a very
good thing.

Spike wrote:
What would really be cool is if we could somehow process the roaches into
food at the end of the pollination season, or perhaps feed them to the hogs.
Of course it does have some psychological factors (...fruit trees black with
creepy roaches, ewww...) but we will overcome that hangup once we get
sufficiently hungry.
My mom would have a heart attack from sheer horror if your plan was
implemented...  But what about using flies?  I have seen them going after
nectar and they tend to "breed like flies!"  I think this may be the wave of
the future.  It has to be better than using roaches.


John  : )
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