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Sun Apr 6 20:40:17 UTC 2008

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> Anyway, my fellow extropes, nanotech supporters and
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I am sorry to hear about your condition, Gina. It may cheer you up to
hear that science is making pretty good progress in understanding it.
It seems to be far more environmental than genetic although some
genetic backgrounds such as the eskimos are very resistant to it. The
biggest buzz in the medical journals lately is the link between MS
progression and vitamin D deficiency caused by living in high latitudes
and/or dietary insufficiency. Living in the Seattle area as you do, it
would probably benefit you to get some sunlight or UV B action going
on. If you can't relocate southward than maybe tanning booths are a
doable alternative. In any case summer is coming so try and soak up
whatever sun you can. I expect you to post bikini photos as proof that
you are following my advice. ;-) Also rituxamab (generic for Rituxan)
has been showing some preliminary promise as a treatment, but I'll
leave recommendations for drugs per se to your doctor.

Stuart LaForge
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