[ExI] Bad medical news for your Nanogirl

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Yes, I love life, it's just this darn biology! And while I have always held a high vision for nanotech or just simply our progress forward, I did know that at some point mother nature might very well knock on my door and come bearing a nasty little gift, I just hadn't thought that it would be this soon! Being as young as I am, I hadn't been giving myself any foreshadowing, no prep time if you will. But you just never know, age is no deterrent. So please extropes, be prepared, take your vits and your walks - because you never know. 
So I'm not tip top yet, I had my final infusion (Sunday) and I feel better from the effects of the actual infusion steroid, but I still can't see or walk straight (since march 22) when I move around - they say it could take a week, so I am hoping to see better improvements within the next few days. But it is a relief to come and talk amongst you all, so thank you for that. You guys are a great group of friends. 

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  > Super, we are so happy, but what I am now reporting to you is about me. It's
  > quite the shock for us, and rather than write a whole long bit about it
  > here, if you are interested I did write it all out for you at what is
  > usually Jim's blog here: http://ginamiller.blogspot.com

  Life is a bitch. Or in Latin: life is a fucking bitch. I am so very sorry.

  For what I know, MS is not life threatening (not more than other
  chronic conditions), has a slow progress, can be kept under check, and
  we must hope that more effective therapies are found soon.

  Keep strong and write here more often!

  Best, G.
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