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> ...His film accuses the Koran of inciting violence.
> In response there are violent protests around the Muslim 
> world, and death threats to him.
> Duh!!!
> No signs of tolerance there.  It is all "Kill the infidels!"
> BillK

Oh NO!  The fidels are planning to make a *counter* film, called Beyond
Fitna, which points out that the BIBLE urges violence too!  Oh dreaded
blasphemy!  Woe is me, what shall we do?


Actually I haven't trusted that book since the Rev. Jeremiah Wright uttered
the comment:

"...God DAMN America!  That's in the bible!..."


I consulted the online bible concordance for "God DAMN America" but no hits.
Then I entered just America, no hits.  God damn and goddamn, no hits and no
hits.  But if Rev. Wright says it's in there, I will take his word for it,
for he sounded so very sincere and scholarly, and his congregation is very
supportive (but note the lady in the choir just to his left.  {8^D  Her body
language seems to be saying "Did I really hear what I just heard?")  Perhaps
the concordance writers missed it somehow.

In any case, when Beyond Fitna is released, surely thousands of
christianists will riot in the streets, crying for blood (or at least
plasma) as a counterpart to this tiny minority:


What I see here is a cultural conflict at the most fundamental level.  In
the west we can legally say whatever we feel.  In the presbyterian world,
some words can get you killed; blasphemy is (STILL!) considered a capital
offense.  I don't know how this will be resolved in the internet age.  Any



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