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Thanks for the links. It will probably take a while to digest it all. Interesting that there hasn't been that much movement in the past few decades, or seems that way.

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> Do you have any references to more recent works
> or current experiments?

"Turning now to the question of the empirical support
[about the uncertainty principle], we unhesitatingly
declare that rarely in the history of physics
has there been a principle of such universal importance
with so few credentials of experimental tests".
-Max Jammer, 1974.

Not sure that things changed so much in the last 35 years.
Perhaps Bush & Lahti wrote something at the end of this
paper http://arxiv.org/abs/quant-ph/0609185 (see chapter 7).

But experiments more or less about uncertainty principle
(the famous EPR is a gedanken experiment about that)
are now performed using bi-photons (two momentum-position
entangled photons, or two time-energy entangled photons).

> [...] my own idea of an experiment that would show the
> position of electrons. Or at least show they don't occupy 
> every available position. would be to fire discrete particles 
> through the electron path at a perpendicular angle. 
> Any impact would show the presence of an electron and a
> lack of impact would prove an absence. no? 

Good luck. 
But there is some difference between
the - ex ante - 'probability cloud' 
and the - ex post - tiny particle. 
And ... attention to the nodal plane
of the orbitals ...

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