[ExI] Slavery in the Future

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Sat Apr 19 03:42:38 UTC 2008

Rafal finally goes astray, as he says, after all these years.

>>  The principle is the same. If I concoct some tissue in my own lab
>>  that turns out to be sentient, well, then, IMO it's mine and I can
>>  do with it what I please. Who are you and the goons to come
>>  into my place and stop me?
> ### Here we still disagree, Lee, after all these years :)
> If your concoction emails me that you didn't ask it for permission to
> use it and it resents your infringement on its self-ownership, I might
> consider offering it protection services, assuming it were willing to
> pay for the goons.

You mean you'd believe it over me?  Obviously the tissue
I chanced upon is out to do some extorting, and I said no
or ticked it off. 

Indeed, once children get wind of the way things really are,
it will be "take me to the zoo or I'll tell the teacher you abused
me. What does "abused" mean?  Or I'll call Mir. Rafal across
the street who is bigger than you."

> We'll see who's goons are tougher.

:-)   Now I am sure we will reach an, er, accomodation. But
thanks for the heads up. I had forgotten that once we get rid
of the state monopoly on force, it'll be each of us and his
protection agency for himself.


P.S.  Wait I think we did have the same disagreement years
ago about the unutterable <I-word> before the roof caved
in on our discussion.

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