[ExI] Global Temperatures to Decrease

Bryan Bishop kanzure at gmail.com
Sat Apr 19 15:37:11 UTC 2008

On Saturday 19 April 2008, Samantha Atkins wrote:
> On Apr 17, 2008, at 8:30 PM, Bryan Bishop wrote:
> > It is irresponsible for anybody to view news about global warming
> > without specifically coming up with a plan of action to deal with
> > the situation,
> It is irresponsible to not first and foremost come to a reasonably
> well-supported understanding of whether there is a "situation" that
> needs to be dealt with, what the situation is, and how critical it
> is.  Being stampeded is not conducive to optimal decision making.

Shouldn't we be able to prepare for either case?

- Bryan

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