[ExI] Global Temperatures to Decrease

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><The principal difference between the two planets is the lack
>of plate techtonics on Venus, likely due to the dry surface and
>mantle. This results in reduced heat loss from the planet,
>preventing it from cooling and providing a likely explanation
>for its lack of an internally generated magnetic field.>
>But would this really be enough to do it??

Likewise I have my doubts about plate tectonics being the prime reason. 
A thick dense atmosphere would itself hold much more heat than a thin light
one. So in that respect, I would expect the surface of Venus to be hotter than Earth.
Likewise when Earths atmosphere was much thicker than today, It was also much warmer.
Perhaps Venus suffered?run away warming as it had no biological systems modifying 
the atmosphere and converting it to water.?As with?the stromatalite cascade catalytic-like effect
which?occurred on the early biological Earth.

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