[ExI] Fame meat and Robert Bradbury

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Wed Apr 23 03:05:03 UTC 2008

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	...no explanation of lymphatic systems or anything remotely too

Perhaps if we had the tube of meat small enough in diameter, the nutrients
and oxygen could be carried to the cells thru osmosis, obviating all those
complicated systems.  I can imagine a tube of meat about the diameter of a
soda straw, which would then be formed into other shapes perhaps.  I can
also imagine the meat formed in sheets, like thin sliced roast beef.
Perhaps we could get it to grow in alternating layers of meat and
interstitial fluids, then at the end stage, bring the layers together to
fuse into a thick steak?

	...Perhaps I will see this unholy monster on my dinner plate in a
few years? yummy...

What's unholy about that?

	...Its a shame it will probably ensure the extinction of cattle.
This points out a curious tension in the logic of PETA.  If we encourage a
manufactured meat substitute, what happens if we invent something that is
far better than any animal-based meat: tastier, healthier, more vitamins,
far cheaper, etc.  Then it would decrease greenhouse gas emissions if we
slay all the superfluous beasts, all the large ruminants for instance, to
stop their incessant farting.  I could imagine humans would eventually be
among the largest terrestrial mammals on the planet.  I am not sure PETA
would be happy about that, even if it would theoretically help stop global



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