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In Vitro Meat Production-Contest Rules
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) aims with this contest to 
the development and offering for sale of in vitro chicken meat in 
significant quantities. A prize of $1,000,000 is offered to the first 
successful individual,
group, or company to do so.
To receive the $1 million prize, the successful candidate must be the first 
to do both of
the following:
a) Produce an in vitro chicken-meat product that has a taste and texture
indistinguishable from real chicken flesh to non-meat-eaters and meat-eaters 
b) Manufacture the approved product in large enough quantities to be sold
commercially, and successfully sell it at a competitive price in at least 10 
1. Contest Definitions
1.1. Commercial Sales Minimum: The quantity of successful sales will be 
according to the amount of product purchased by retail customers through 
Retailers. Retail customers must purchase 2,000 lbs. of the in vitro 
product in total from Food Retailers in no fewer than 10 states over a 
period of
three consecutive months, with no less than the following:
. 100 lbs. of the product sold in each state
. 20 percent of total nationwide final sales occurring in each of those 
1.2. Comparable Market Price: the average price-assessed at the date of the
applicable contract of sale-of boneless chicken breast offered for sale in 
same state. PETA will establish such averages based on U.S. Department of
Agriculture (USDA) public documents.
1.3. Contest Liaison: The contact for all submission and queries is:
Senior Projects Coordinator
Vegan Department
501 Front St.
Norfolk VA 23510
VegInfo at peta.org 

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