[ExI] Fame meat

Kevin Freels kevinfreels at insightbb.com
Wed Apr 23 20:00:29 UTC 2008

> Anyway, here's a list of strategies that I have been considering:
> * one slice at a time
> * total muscle-organ growth
> * ECMs, scaffolds, biocompatible glues, 
> ** especially 3D scaffolds with small micropumps for nutrients
> *** artificial vascularization
> * cellular printers (the 3D printers)
> * submersive nutrient tanks of just the right mix of connective + muscle
I don't think that the vascularization or the scaffolds are an issue. 
The rules don't specify that it has to be like a chicken muscle. I think 
it would be fine if we could make sheets, grind them and make chicken 
nuggets. Maybe McDonald's should get in on the research funding.

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