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>I think it would be a good idea to begin with Greg Egan's first comment
>the link below, which is not the text included in Damien's message:


"Though a handful of self-described Transhumanists are thinking rationally
about real prospects ..."

Thanks Mike,

I subscribe to the first group of critical thinkers.  I have been a
long-time environmentalist (not the flag waving fundamentalist
environmentalists who construe facts to instill fear), and I have a lovely
relationship with my body.  I like it very much and, in fact, respect it a
great deal.  I also have been pushing for a more humane H+ for years.  I do
not subscribe to the religious H+ or politically pushing H+; but in the
original tenets of H+ which are based on foresight, insight and hindsight
concerning humanity.

But I am not alone for goodness sakes. I thnk I represent a large portion
of H+ers.  We care about the world and people. I'd like to know who the
heck these people are - this group of crazy H+ers who are fanatics?  Or is
Egan just reading the more far-future writngs and not the writings which
concern the currents of near future?  


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