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Max More max at maxmore.com
Sun Apr 27 18:03:01 UTC 2008

Just a reminder (and perhaps a fresh note for relative newcomers): 
Although it's certainly true that, years ago, I used the term 
"extropianism", I have avoided doing so now for years. Quite some 
time ago, I even replaced "The Extropian Principles" with "The 
Principles of Extropy", specifically with the intent of moving away 
from isms, -ians, and the like.
(See http://www.extropy.org/principles.htm)

I must say, I haven't noticed especially negative reactions to 
"transhumanism" as a term--certainly much less than to the specific 
ideas and goals it implies. The experience of some others clearly 
differs. How best to resolve the conflict between the usefulness of a 
term for identification with shared values, on the one hand, and 
public repulsion and in-group ism-ish behavior? I don't have a good answer yet.


At 05:11 PM 4/24/2008, P.J. Manney wrote:

>I paused in writing this to have a private chat with Mike LaTorra.  In
>the conversation, it struck me that Natasha's comment about "isms" is
>really apt.  Adding "ism" to the end of "transhuman" brings in a whole
>lot of implications about movements and agendas and coercion from one
>part of society over another -- all those concepts that people by
>nature fear.
>And Mike said that I don't want to be an "ist."  I seem to have issues
>with "ists" and "isms".  But so do others, apparently, including

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