[ExI] FAme meat

frank McElligott frankmac at ripco.com
Thu Apr 24 20:04:56 UTC 2008

A little late to discussion as I was using my last Tamiflu to ward off the 
summer cold which never ends.

Had brought the Tamiflu( in case of the bird flu) for the possible recurring 
Spanish flu (updated to bird) which killed 20 people in my extended family 
back in the 1910's.

Isn't the problem (food) on track for natures way of lowering the 
population,,example the little ice age in Europe in 1300's ,,lack of food, 
causes lack of immune system response, attack of  plague(bird flu), and 30% 
of the weakling  gone in a few years.

But on the other hand, the NY times reports, heard it on cnbc, that we(the 
USA) has over 95,000,000 acres of farmland sitting idle because of 
government bill written in 1986 to pay farmers not to grow food as we had to 
much then.

So to ward off world food riots, may I suggest that we giving Mcdonalds the 
right to these 95,000,000 acres and let them perform their vertical 
integration magic and feed these hungry mass on big mac's. Problem solved 

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