[ExI] The Upload Game

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Fri Apr 25 03:54:31 UTC 2008

The Avantguardian writes

> Lee wrote:
>> Destructive upload?  Or do I get to be both "here"
>> and "there"?  It's always necessary to specify that.

And I meant to emphasize the *and*!  As in *both*!

> Well I purposely blurred the distinction between the two.
> You could call this the "delayed destructive upload" scenario.

Why sure. It was by means of this scenario in 1967 that I
managed to convince a few friends that there was a very
interesting problem here.

> Which for all intents and purposes is a destructive upload
> except in so far as the original stays alive just long enough
> to be convinced that the upload worked.

Of course.

> Would it make a difference in your answer if
> Executron shows you a stack of nature and
> Science papers detailing the authenticity of the
> process, video footage of experts extolling the
> virtues of the process, and you get to interview
> yourself or any number of satisfied customers?

What?  Without such, you would never get me
*near* a disintegrating machine. I'm hardly going
to allow myself to be disintegrated and reintegrate
somewhere if the technique is not proven beyond
almost any doubt.

The *only* interesting questions come up assuming
that it's a proven technology!

> I was trying to figure out if your enthusiasm for
> uploading extended to sacrificing your subjective
> self for the benefit of another entity that is to any
> arbitrary degree of measurement objectively you.

Yes.  If it is a molecular copy made recently, and
one of us has to die, but if the instance speaking
to you makes the choice and agrees to die, and
this is the only way that Lee Corbin's bank account
swells by $10M, it's a deal.  You see---I really
think that I *am* my duplicates. Stuart, I can
hardly believe you haven't understood me on
that long ago.

Or am I totally missing your point?

> It relates to whether an otherwise healthy
> individual has any rationale to destructively
> upload since presumably no subjective
> spark jumps the gap. Or does it? 

There are no subjective "sparks". It's neuron
firings all the way down. You are a process,
and either that process gets to run somewhere,
or it does not. In the later case you are dead
or frozen, and in the former case it doesn't
really matter for survival where it runs. And
getting to run in two different eras or two
different galaxies (at the same time or not)
confers twice the benefit.

Anything I've not answered?  Sorry if I've
missed something.


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