[ExI] The Upload Game

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Sat Apr 26 06:29:23 UTC 2008

Damien amusingly notes

> The bleakly hilarious aspect of what we might call (for 
> shorthand) "Lee's position" is how triumphantly socialist
> in premise and impulse it is.

Yes, I had noticed this irony thirty or forty years ago  :-)

> Yes, I should be ready and eager to have my existence
> snuffed out

sarcastically presuming the answer to the whole question,
presuming that what is Damien cannot possibly be anywhere
outside the skin of the instance of Damien that is speaking.

(If books could opine, one particular copy of "Origin of Species"
would possibly have the same irrational fear.)

Two things that are exactly the same have the same properties.
And so if one of them is you, then so is the other. Get used to it.

> if it will benefit (1) a copy of me somewhere else, perhaps
> light years away and far in the future, or just across 
> the room, it makes no difference,

Recall that this is predicated on the EXTREMELY
UNFORTUNATE stipulation that one of us must "die".

> and/or (2)  the world at large, which will continue to be
> graced by the presence of my analogue or emulation
> who will be, by definition and operational test, exactly
> my equivalent.

Nor is altruism a proper part of the discussion. I'm always
talking about what an MSI (most selfish individual) should
do in order to survive, and survive in style.


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