[ExI] "general repudiation of Transhumanism"

Anna Taylor femmechakra at yahoo.ca
Mon Apr 28 03:38:47 UTC 2008

Damien Broderick wrote:

>"It is very striking how often it is the religious in particular who 
>mock and assail others because their ideas are "crazy" and 

I've taken notice lately in my surroundings that many people have some big misconceptions.

>Presumably it isn't *just* that such ideas are "religious" but that they >are also "crazy," 

I'd like you to describe to me what entails crazy?  

>unlike their own entirely sane religious ideas (sticks turned into >snakes, seas parted at command, rotation of the earth halted for a day, >virgin births, magical revival from the dead, wine turned into water, >bread turned into god, golden plates revealed by angels, gods with >elephant's heads, all that completely sensible stuff)."

Copy of this and that..cyborgs...no longer being human...the singularity, "le moment que la technology se reveille"...funny..I think within each culture and background you have distinct features that look for positivity...maybe looking at it from a friendly point of view would be better:)
I get your point Damien, obviously scientifically at that time they seem like dumb words of proverbs and/or scientifically impossible or at very least they are moments that describe some kind of meaning to the blind eye; for others, it's very clear.  Sometimes the words have deeper meaning and emphasise. For me, it's a form of math:)  
How do you think concepts like cryonics where introduced within humanity?

Just some thoughts and questions,

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