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Kevin Freels kevinfreels at insightbb.com
Wed Apr 30 13:38:59 UTC 2008

John Grigg wrote:
> Lee Corbin stunned me by writing (and Rafal by agreeing):
> When I was a kid in southern California in the 1960s, there
> were two men who lived across the street. They kept very
> much to themselves, but were always courteous and polite
> whenever anyone would talk to them. Tongues in the
> neighborhood eventually began to wag, but fortunately
> no one thought of interfering. I don't even know if they
> were officially commiting a "crime" in those days, but in
> many states, they may very well have been arrested.
> But you'll say, "well, consenting adults is okay". This
> phrase "consenting adults" is of relatively recent vintage
> and was and is nothing more than a rationalization. Times
> change, and when we consult our feelings now, perhaps
> we get different answers than we did then.
> "Oh, but they're only *children*!", the cry will then go out.
> "They don't know what is best for them, their parents don't
> know what is best for them, and their friends and neighbors
> don't know what is best for them!
> "But *WE* know what is best for them, and we have the
> men, badges, dogs, and guns to prove it!"
> >>>
> Sorry.  I will not compare two *adult* gay men living together to 14 
> and 15 year-old teenage girls who were brainwashed by their parent's 
> religious cult/commune to enter into sexual relationships & have 
> babies with with men generally a number of *decades* older than they 
> are, while the young men *their own age* have been "cock-blocked" by 
> the older males who are in positions of power and want to horde the 
> females for themselves.  
> I realize this was "how things were" for millennia among humans, but 
> we have matured/become more enlightened over the last century or so.  
> These men are horrific exploiters of the young teenage girls in their 
> community and they deserve to be jailed a long time for it.   
> John Grigg
I don't know, John. You think these girls had it that rough? I think it 
would have been a lot more sensible to just go in and ask them which 
ones wanted to leave rather than forcing them to leave. Those who were 
happy should have been left alone regardless of their ages - assuming 
that they had reached sexual maturity and there was no real abuse going 
on. (defining abuse is another challenge, but say it involves yelling, 
intimidation and inflicting pain that the person does not wish to accept)

Of course we could have the brainwashing debate but that's a waste of 
time. There is a fine line between brainwashing and cultural education. 
All the ads we see, movies we watch, books we read, and education we get 
in school amounts to brainwashing. I am brainwashing my kids right now 
to reject drugs and fight peer pressure. Brainwashing is only wrong when 
you are causing harm and I challenge you to show me how a 14 year old 
girl who is happy where she is and pregnant in a closed society is 
really suffering. (Note I am not referring to those that are not happy 
and wish to leave which I already addressed). Of course you could argue 
about mental abuse, but if you really want to see mental abuse, take 
these 14 year old girls and throw them into foster homes and into a 
public high-school.....Did you ever see "Mean Girls"?

Kevin Freels

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