[ExI] Human extinction

Jeff Davis jrd1415 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 20:04:32 UTC 2008

On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 9:38 AM, giovanni santost
<santostasigio at yahoo.com> wrote:
> There are so many of these horrible myths in religions, in particular in the main 3 Semitic ones. Religion's superstition should be considered the biggest enemy of transhumanism (and we should work harder to fight such an enemy). The essence of western religions is  based on the myth of the inevitability of pain, suffering and death....

I have a Buddha in my garden.  He reposes in iconic serenity beneath
the happiest lace-leaf maple you could ever hope to see, with a little
gargoyle buddy at his feet.  I get a warm feeling every time I look at
him.  Which, of course, is the point.

Contrast this iconic symbol of serenity with its Christian (in
fairness I feel I should say Judeo-Christian) counterpart, that of a
man being tortured to death.  Can any conclusions, however
preliminary, be drawn?

Western religion is basically a form of terrorism.  Obey authority (of
God, of God's sales reps, and  Caesar) or face humiliation, torture,
and death, followed by eternal torture and alienation from grace.  How
uplifting!  Ouch! and no thank you.

I prefer poetry, in the garden, my pal Buddha, the fragrance of
freshly baked bread mingled with roses and the laughter of children.
Aaaahhh.  Much better.

Speaking of the laughter of children Amara, my better half is knitting
a sweater for your soon-to-be-newest transhuman.  She inquired
regarding gender, but I didn't know.  Thanks for clarifying.

Also, I'll be interested to hear your "after-action" report on the
degree of discomfort associated with pod extrusion.  The eternal
contrast of data with anecdote. {;-)

Best wishes, Jeff

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