[ExI] Human extinction

spike spike66 at att.net
Thu Aug 21 21:47:45 UTC 2008


> ... On Behalf Of Jeff Davis
> I have a Buddha in my garden.  He reposes in iconic serenity 
> beneath the happiest lace-leaf maple you could ever hope to 
> see, with a little gargoyle buddy at his feet.  I get a warm 
> feeling every time I look at him.  Which, of course, is the point.
> Contrast this iconic symbol of serenity with its Christian 
> (in fairness I feel I should say Judeo-Christian) 
> counterpart, that of a man being tortured to death.  Can any 
> conclusions, however preliminary, be drawn?... Best wishes, Jeff

I have one Jeff, since we are comparing the Buddha to the crucified savior
of mankind.  Buddha is often depicted in a lotus position with an enormous
belly flopped all over the place.  Revolting!  Compare to christ on the
cross: that sucker is ripped!  Check out the buff six pack abs on that dude.
Do you ever see a Buddha with a decent physique?  No!  Do you ever see a
painting or a sculpture of Jesus with ugly cellulite or a big flabby belly
hanging down?  No!  The Buddhists need to fix that, forthwith.



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