[ExI] Striving for Objectivity Across Different Cultures

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On this whole rather odd attitude of most humans regarding death - that in
a natural context it is somehow necessary I have come to conclude that
aren't a very sociable species. Try this little experiment - think of ten or
so distinctly
different ways for a human to become superhuman, and conclude what happens
next. A prime example of what would happen next is the marvel war, where
humans completely freak out over superhero mutants and try to outlaw, cure
kill em. I think this is acutely plausible.

The underlying mechanic active in the human psychology is a fear of
I even would go as far as state that all humans are racist - as soon as a
creature would
emerge that is halway possible to pose a threat select groups humans would
start to
demonize it, and kill it as fast as possible. i think thats one evolutionary
strength of
the homo sapiens; rally hatred against an enemy species and eradicate it for
of profit (and/)or fear.

the aging debate is a variant of the same. All humans have a keen instinct
to keep an
eye on their fellow humans. I have a personal intuition this is what caused
the persecution
of jews. As it turns out jews have been practicing an intelligence enhancing
mechanism for thousands of years. On IQ tests the typical jew performs
clearly better,
largely because of a rabbinic system of selecting mates. I don't know the
full details but
I can clearly see populations noticing this advantage and proceeding to
persecute jews
or trying to exterminate the competitor.

It would be fascinating to me if someone found a series of experiments that
falsify this
whole idea. Place humans in experimental conditions where they'd have to
with human and (simulated) nonhuman intelligences and see if they would
personal gain when the nonhumans were subject to a racial progrom or

If this is true, we should be cautious if a small segment of population gets
access to
life extension methods - or any type of enhancing treatment. It might
trigger dormant
instincts in humans outside the loop that may prove quite deadly. I would be
very cautious
if I enjoyed singular life extension treatments - i believe me being blessed
with the
prospect of (only) living a fuw decades more because of a treatment or
would make me the target for homocidals. I'd trigger their inborn
enemy/genocide instincts.

Is this whole idea politically incorrect? ...inherently offensive?

If so, why?
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