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> Amara Graps
> Don't you think that it would be weird if humans evolved to 
> where we are today if every baby's birth was excruciatingly 
> painful?... Amara

There is a fairly recent development that I learned of when my son was born
two years ago.  The medics have become very clever in mixing pain relievers
in such a way that the total dosage is fairly low.  The counteract each
other's side effects, so the pain relief aspect is more effective than with
a much higher dose of any one.  

Shelly had a partial epidural, not enough to induce even temporary paralysis
so she could still push, plus a mixture of three different pain relievers
which all work on different principles.  The pain relief was very effective
and she wasn't particularly stoned.  She remembers details of the birth, and
it was a non-terrifying experience.  Half an hour after the birth, she was
completely in her right mind, even if exhausted.  

For comparison, we have three friends who gave birth 8, 10 and 11 years ago.
In all three cases, the mothers were very stoned during and after the birth,
and don't remember much of it.


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