[ExI] Subject: Re: Human extinction

Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Fri Aug 22 11:45:21 UTC 2008

Tom Nowell nebathenemi at yahoo.co.uk :
>but a mother's expectations of childbirth can influence the pain she feels.

Exactly. And that was my point. Here it is spelled out.

In today's times, in at least _this_ (U.S., but I've been talking to my
friends in Europe too), the woman is barraged from a young age that
childbirth _must_ be excruciatingly painful, and when she is pregnant,
there is no discussion in the literature from the western medical
community that she can birth her baby without intervention, without
drugs, and major surgeries like C-sections is not a trivial number of
the total births: it is 25% or greater. And the religious help all of
this along with their images of women _necessarily_ suffering in
childbirth, because, of course, she must pay for 'Eve's sin'.

So no wonder she never even looks at possibilities to birth her baby
another way, and no wonder she is terrified going into the hospital (not
to mention that she never even considered if a hospital was necessary in
the first place). And her terror blocks her body completely from
performing the physical function that it was evolved to do, the uterine
muscles are blood-drained and in fight-or-flight anxiety mode, the
circular muscles around the cervix will not thin and relax. The muscular
system of the uterine muscles that must work together during childbirth
won't work well at all.

And so at this point, if the woman is in a hospital, the doctors
immediately start filling her with drugs, which break the uterine
muscular system even further, the woman is barely conscious from more
drugs at this point,  her baby goes into fetal distress, the doctors
immediately decide that cutting through major organs to retrieve her
baby by C-section is the only way to save the baby and so at the end a
normal evolutionary process becomes a traumatic event. And _this_ is how
humans in the West have evolved to propagate their species today.

Beautiful picture, isn't it? :-(


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