[ExI] New H+ RPG - Eclipse Phase

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 22:10:51 UTC 2008

Hello everyone,

"Eclipse Phase" is a new pen and paper roleplaying game with dark
Transhumanist overtones.  "Transhuman Space" just may have some serious
competition! lol  But it would take a great deal of effort to compete with
what Steve Jackson Games accomplished.

I recently asked Steve Jackson to consider doing a GURPS supplement book
based on Orion's Arm, but he felt it was not well enough known to make it
commercially viable.  : (

John Grigg

>We recently launched the website for our new tabletop, pen & paper
>RPG -- Eclipse Phase -- a game of transhuman conspiracy and horror.
>Find it here:
>On the site you'll find:
>* Details on the game
>* Forums
>* Resources for transhumanism and related topics
>* A regularly-updated blog
>In the future we'll be adding a downloadable PDF of Quick-Start
>Rules for the game.
>The game itself will be released in early 2009 under a Creative
>Commons license.
>We're looking for playtesters and writers, so pass the word.
>:: Rob Boyle ::
>Eclipse Phase Developer for Catalyst Game Labs
>sprite at catalystgamelabs.com
>AIM: catalystsprite
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