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Way back in 1991, I was elected to a seat as Los Angeles Councilperson.  My
platform was "Transhumanist Technology" for the environment, future,
humanity, etc., and I was on the Green Party ticket.  I resigned after 1.5
years from my position and the Green Party because nothing was accomplished
- just a lot of talk, arguing and political positioning - people seemed to
complain that it was always the other side who was wrong.


I am still pro-environment: I garden almost daily, grow my own flowers, tend
to 20+ trees I have planted in my yard within 1.5 years, not to mention my
Zen rose garden, and other foliage.  I don't get out as much as I used to
when hiking the mountains of Telluride, or when living with the Navajos in
the Canyonlands, mostly because of this phd thingy, but I dream of having a
trek in the wilderness somewhere-sometime soon.


Now, today, many organizations and their websites are taking on a the color
green to promote a concern and caring for the environment. BUT, my question
is are they overdoing the green on a single-track level?  I am torn between
the personal relationship with the environment, and the commercialization of
green sentimentality of advocates such as Al Gore and I wonder why the
passion is not toward a more profound and perhaps meaningful Bucky Fuller
sensibility and my own thinking about environments.


When considering the "environment" of the human body, I wonder if the arts
can look at the transhuman and address a "green" issue here.  For example,
it strikes me as odd that many who promote Gore or Neo-Greenism are
overweight and/or otherwise unhealthy.  Could there be such a thing as a
"green" transhuman, where the Transhumansit technology addresses a cleaner,
healthier, more respectful car of our internal bodily environment?


Just a passing thought, but it might have some legs.







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Faculty of Technology, School of Computers, Communication and Electronics

University of Plymouth, UK


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