[ExI] flds raid, was general repudiation...

spike spike66 at att.net
Mon May 5 04:35:09 UTC 2008

> > 1) Psychologically to you believe that these girls are
> >     ready to have children at 13-14 years old?
> These *particular* girls?  Not being there, and having very 
> little actual information, I'm reduced to guessing...

This discussion seems to have gone off in a debate over when girls are ready
to have children, one which I will not join presently.  The FLDS raid to me
was a shocking civics lesson that tells me one need not commit a crime to
have the government take away one's children.  The child-mothers did nothing
wrong that I can see: being raped is not a crime, being brainwashed into
marrying an old man is not a crime.  Being a very young mother does not
necessarily make one an unfit mother.  

Having one's children taken is the worst possible thing I can imagine,
losing contact with one's own mother is abominable, and yet nearly all of
the victims here DID NO CRIMES!  We can justify rounding up the perps who
actually impregnated underage girls, fine, do that full stop.  But how in
the hell can we justify punishing the victims by taking their children? 



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